iPhone 6 concept

21 May 2013

In this entry i will just share my opinion. I'm not an iPhone user also not a Samsung user. So no war babe. I bet most of you had heard about this concept too right?

Actually we can find a lot of iPhone 6 concept in youtube. Right now im going to share my opinion about the top video about iPhone 6 that mostly shared by other.

Lets see this is the most shared iPhone concept on my facebook.
Yeah when i first time watch this video i was like 'OMG this is really cool' because its can functioning like a macbook. But when the video is end, i think this is not working because it's only can functioning at night or dark room. I dont think Apple would made this. You would need a wall and floor or maybe table.
The second video is not really the most shared but it's appear in a phone magazine as a rumors.
They put a simple innovation to this iPhone. Thinner than iPhone 5 and it has a larger button home than other iPhone.
This is one of iPhone 6 concept video that i found on my facebook
Clear concept. No holographic. Very thin. Well, i'm scared if i forgot where did i put my phone. It's just going to be disappear. Quite good but sometimes i feel funny.

Omg, i seriously can fell to any of iPhone 6 concept in youtube. They're so ridiculous about the holographic and clear concept. Maybe one of the video is the real concept who knows? HAHA. Great video editors. I hope i can edit my video like them. 

Okay that's all. I got to go. Maybe you have your own opinion too? What about share it with me? :)


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