Wordless Wednesday: Rate me!

14 December 2016

I will be busy for my final this month. So I wont be updating entry I guess. Plus, idea untuk update entry pun tak ada. Luckily today is wednesday, so boleh la update macam ni.

I really  want to know what you guys think about me. Tak kisah la based on my entry ke, tweet ke, gambar kat instagram ke or my facebook update. Just be honest. You guys can add up your own number if your opinion tak ada dalam option haha

If I could rate for myself and I shoud be really honest about this, then it should be number......

21) Noob!

#MyTravelokaEscapade : My advanture plan to South Korea

07 December 2016


6 years back, i was a hard core kpop fangirl. You guys can imagine me by watching Reply 1997 (its a k-drama) and the girl named Sung Shiwon is basically me, se bi jik! Like until now my social media's password, debit card password must be related to my favorite oppa hahaha.

Yes, i even enter a contest to get myself to Korea 4 years ago. Sumpah english haprak sikit tapi fuh berkobar-kobar nak pergi. Sanggup tulis panjang sebab konon nampak potential menang. Sekali kalah dengan blog writer yang boleh cakap, tulis and baca bahasa korea--So, since that i learn how to read, speak and write in korean (Serious kalau aku gilap lagi korean aku ni dah boleh buat value added)

So, today is the day. Again, Im trying to made myself to Korea through contest. Wish me luck. If i happen to made it to go there, these are the places that i really want to go. Yeah, this is #MyTravelokaEscapade.

1. Namsan Tower
Ini tempat wajib pergi kalau datang Korea. Sini la tempat yang ada banyak padlock love tu. If im not mistaken, after you write your name and your partner name then lock it somewhere, you have to thow away your key supaya tak ada siapa boleh buka haa. Its a symbolic yang your love stay forever ha gitu.

If i had a chance, memang nak tulis nama sendiri dengan nama oppa. Then simpan kunci tu. Sampai Malaysia nanti baru flush dalam jamban. What? Probability untuk orang jumpa kunci ni almost mustahil kan? Okay la tu hahahaha.

2. Everland
I love theme park so much and that is why this place is on the list. Teringin nak rasa naik roller coaster kat sini sebab tengok running man main hahaha. Also pemandangan kat Everland ni lawa bila musim bunga. Colorful flowers everywhere!

3. Myeongdong
For food hunting and shopping, i choose Myeongdong. Ini pun pilih sebab suggestion orang yang pernah pergi. Im not really into shopping tapi suka cuci mata and makan, i guess this is the right place. Nak rasa street fooooood diaaa lol

4. Gyeongbokgung Palace
Not to forget traditional places in Korea, Gyeongbokgung Palace. Sewa hanbok (baju tradisional Korea) pastu tangkap gambar la merata tempat. If im not mistaken, every palace kat korea ni ada jadual persembahan dia. Kena datang on time hahaha.

5. Hangang park
Sini tempat sesuai untuk chilling. Plus boleh sewa basikal untuk ronda-ronda. However i prefer picnicking there. Why? Of course i choose to eat rather than excercising lol.

I believe those yang lepas baca top 5 place yang aku nak pergi ni mesti rasa macam "Mana advanture dia ni? Biasa je". Well, atas tu cuma permulaan. Advanture akan bermula if i ever bump into oppa and stalk dia the whole day. Im a sasaeng fans to be kot-- Of course i want to visit company dia. Mana tau tiba-tiba oppa keluar hahahahahah (Im still that fangirl from 6 years ago lol)

Yes i encourage to those who are plan to have a vacation abroad to check out Traveloka and get yourself a cheapest flight fare and hotel. Then you can just drag your best friend along to join your kind of advanture!
Wait a minute..... Sasaeng fans is "not considered as true fans?" OMG NOT TRUE FANS?! THIS IS NOT GOOD. OKAY TUKAR.  I SHOULD LABEL MYSELF AS...