SKETCH'ed the tutorial

27 May 2018


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Please refer my previous post regarding SKETCH'ed to those who wondering what this is all about. So recently, I got a request to do this tutorial. Since ramai yang sangka it was easy. Im all good to let you guys know how to get it done. Here we go! 

Disclaimer: Im just a beginner. Most of the thing I explore by myself. So theres might be something that I did wrongly (Or there is another easier way to do it but I haven't discover it yet). You are open to share any tips that i should apply. Basically, I am sharing the way I get my sketch outcome.

1. Downlaod Sketch - Draw & Paint

2. Draw an outline
Firstly, harus lah open apps and add picture to be sketch. Then follow instruction dalam gambar diatas followed dengan dua gambar kat bawah. Do click on picture for bigger view.

Untuk buat outline, use thicker point untuk bahagian luar and reduce the size when it comes to details. Oh yea, use black color.

3. Coloring

It is important to add another layer to color supaya kita tak kacau outline kita tadi. But please check jugak takut dah syok color, then rupanyaa dok warna layer outline tu. Penat je nak undo balik and warna balik nanti. Untuk pemilihan warna, please guna color picker eh (refer gambar bawah)

Im trying to get the blouse color here hahaha

4. Shading

Shading sebenarnya optional. Ikut korang la nak buat ke tak. If buat, sketch korang akan nampak more poped out. Kalau tak, dia akan nampak 2D. So, for shading sila follow step dalam gambar kat atas ni. Step hampir sama dengan coloring just you need to change to brush.

5. Removing background

If you think you're done and nak remove background, just follow step atas tu. Usually lepas remove background, you will see there are some spot yang masih tak bewarna. What you can do is, hide shading layer and start touch up sikit. Bila nak save nanti jangan lupa nak make the shading visible okay?

6. Save

Tak tahu if this is easy to learn atau complicated. I have never really share tutorial. So ini je la mampu. If agak susah nak faham, Im so sorry. I think kalau tengok video would be easier. You can just search it on youtube.

By the way, yes i am still open for free sketch. Do read my previous entry on how to get it.

Happy sketching!