UUM Orientation Week

15 September 2013

2nd September 2013.

Today is the registration day. Im nervous, of course. But at the same time i feel exited to start my new life as a university student. After i got my registration done, i have been given a UUM's Bag, a pashmina, a collar-shirt, a round-neck shirt, an umbrella, a Panduan Akademik Sesi 2013/2014 CD, and a long card strap. Also i have been given my room key and a student file.

Im the first person who had arrived at my room instead of my roommate. So, i just unpacking my stuff. My closet's drawer got stucked. I cant even pull it out. Okay, my dad did pull it out. He said that my drawer is un-even. He decided to 'repair the problem'. But before he'd repair it......... I broke the drawer key. I dont know how but i really did. T^T

Ima monsterr

In the evening, i got to assembled with other who take banking courses to get our timetable. My facilitator last speech make me wanna laugh out loud. You know what he said? "Kalau guna kunci tu, jangan la gagah sangat. Nanti patah pulak". I broke it in the morning... So.. His speech is useless. Sorry Abang Fizi.

3rd September 2013.
Okay my tiring week just started. Where we got to wake up early but sleep at late night. I too much spacing in my sleep quota.


Stop thinking that you're going to read all about my orientation week. Im not going to write that anymore. Today.... is 15 September 2013.. How the hell im going to remember all those thing exactly the same? So im gonna stop there, at 3rd September 2013. I was too busy. *Orientation week always the busy-iest week*. so right now im going to continue my writing referring a picture in my phone. Also the highlight of the week, of course.

Okay guys... Firstly let me introduce you with my roommate, Zulfa. Full introduction? Nah~  Flirting is prohibited here. What interesting about us?

1. We both are taking Banking courses
2. We both can't sleep if the light is not turned off
3. We both don't like listen to radio
4. We both love to eat a lot
5. We usually don't talk too much. But if we did we can't stop
6. We love taking picture
7. We are the kind of people who always said "Aku tak kisah~"
8. We usually shares the same idea

I don't know whether she is my clone or i am her clone. Bhahaha. It is not big deal anyway. Im grateful to get a roommate like her. :'D

Duh.. Im trying to continue my writing but i kinda lazy right now. So please let me stop here. Promise to keep my blog updated. Ergh.. I cant promise actually. I can't predict when is my free time because right now i have already got a lot of assignment. So..... Im not going to promise, but i will makesure that i wont forget to keep update my blog.

Lots of love, Ajan 

Urban dictionary

11 September 2013

Okay guys. This is big. I dont even know that im actually a ghost. I thought im just a mammals homosapien. Well.... Beware guys. I might be laying beside you this night. Cuddle with me pls. Muaahaha.

Im just kidding. This is just my name definition from urban dictionary. Have you guys try it? Oh come on. This is fun. Let me tell you how.

1. Login you twitter
2. Tweet "Define ........" Anything that you want to define.
3. Wait for about 3-4 second and check your 'mention'
4. And Pooff! Your word have been defined.

but if after a few minutes you still did not get a reply from urban dictionary, that's mean your word cant be defined. Aww.. don't be sad. Try again with new other word. You know what? Defining someone's name is the best. Here just like what i did.

Lastly.... After a few week i have left this blog. I actually have prepared a present for you guys! [Click Here]

Have a nice day!