11 June 2017


Guys, i am back bringing a good news to you guys yang sukakan art. Guess what? I think this is the right time for you guys yang sukakan creative design untuk tunjukkan bakat korang tu. No more conteng atas paper. Sekarang kita conteng kat truck pulak haha.

Click poster above to register!

For all aspiring artists out there, I would like to invite you to spread #happinessinthecity by designing on LaFarge’s trucks! You won't only be exhibiting your artistry to LaFarge, one of the leaders in Malaysia's construction industry – but you also stand a chance to win RM3,000 in cash vouchers!​

  • Individuals or teams are welcome to participate (max 4 pax/team). 
  • All university and college students in Malaysia aged 18 years old and above are invited to join in the fun! 
  • Register your participation by 18th June 2017 by clicking here.
  • During registration, fill the referral box with my email: nurhafzhan.elf@gmail.com
  • Submit your design to event@youthstoday.com latest by 24th June 2017 with a short description (max 160 words).

So korang tunggu apa lagi? Cepat register dulu. Lepas tu baru submit design okay? Im wishing to those who participate a good luck! This is a good start to those yang nak kembangkan korang punya art.

Tak sabar nak tengok korang punya design being shortlisted. Korang bukan je kalau menang dapat hadiah tapi dapat pengalaman melawat limestone cave yo!

I wish im talented enough to participate in. But i have an idea though. Guess what is my idea if i can draw on those truck? I want a picture of ayam golek kat lori simen tu. Bayangkan gambar ayam pusing pusing kat lori tu. Terliuq baq hang!

Parah betul idea bulan puasa ni,