Message for Super Junior!

25 August 2011

This is sticky message. Scroll down to read latest entry. :)


To read this message, all you have to do is highlight all the number, press 'Ctrl+f' , type '6 ' or '9' and enter. Got that? 

I got this message from a group that i've joined on facebook and i don't remember whether it's myELF or myELF v2.0 group.

Tag for k-popers!

20 August 2011

I got this k-pop tag from Darla the Primadona.

Step to do this taggie:
1. Choose one k-pop band that you really love.
2. Answer the following question and relate it with the group that you have choose.

Let's start!

Super Junior  슈퍼주니어 

1. Why do you love / like this group?
I don't know why. It just happen naturally. I've fell in love with them since i watch Super Girl music video. The great music and voice has make me want to know more about them. Plus, they're good looking aren't they?Then, after i'd know them, i can't forget about them. Just like old folks say, 'Tak kenal maka tak cinta.'. Untll now, no one can defeat them. They stay still on the top of my heart!

2. Who is your nampyeon, and state 3 things/habits about him/her that you love to see.
My nampyeon? Lee Donghae oppa of course! I love to see the way he smile. He love to wake other members up by hugging them. Oh, I really wish that he could wake me up. Err. but if he wake me up, i'm sure that i'll continue sleeping and let him hug me longer. Hahaha. The third thing that I love about him is he's life motto,“남들에게 손가락질 받지말자!” (Lets not point at others). He such a good man. He don't smoke neither drink. Jagiya, ILYSM!

3. What is their first song that you ever heard/knew and your first impression about it.
The first Super Junior song that i've ever heard is Sorry sorry. I watch the music video with Nana Niel a k-pop holic and i'm not a k-popers at that time. On that time, i wonder why is Nana Niel watch that video like crazy? And why is everybody like Sorry sorry song? I don't think that a good song and the music video only have a black and white in colour. But, after i've be an E.L.F, I started to love that song. >///<

4. If you have the opportunity to going out with one of group member, and what are you gonna do together?
What? only one? I really hope that i could spent my time with all the Super Junior member. But if i really don't have a choice. I would like to choose Donghae oppa. Mianhe oppa. TT.TT . I think i want to visit his mother at hometown in Mokpo, try to be his dream girl, and the most important is, i want to do what a couple usually do. I know you know what i mean. Hehehe

5. Give your encouraging word to them and not to be more than 15 words.
Super Junior oppa! I'll always be your E.LF. Take care of yourself! I just want to say SARANGHAE!

I'll tag to: Nana Niel, Nurd Cullen and Yayah Zack.

Music shuffle game

19 August 2011

STEP to play
1. Put your music player on shuffle.
2. Press forward for each question.
3. Use the title song as the answer to the question even if it doesn't make sense.

No cheating ok!

1. Will it be okay?
Be my girl - Super Junior

2. How are you feeling today?
Tell me why - Teen Top

3. How do your friends see you?
Hello - SHINee

4. Will you get married?
Se7en - Better together

5. What is your best friend's theme song?
The fact - Beast

6. What is the story of your life?
Mr. Taxi - Girls Generation

7. What was high school like?
I don't understand - U-Kiss

8. How can you get ahead in life?
Heart to heart - 4Minute

9. What is the best thing abut your friend?
Supa luv - Teen Top

10. What is tonight going to be like?
Someday - IU

11. What is in store for the remainder of this weekend?
Good bye baby - Miss A

12. What song describe's  you?
Tell me - Big Bang

13. To describe your grandparents?
Off my mind - Henry Lau

14. How is your life's going?
Lucifer - SHINee

15. What song will they play at your funeral?
Remember - B1A4

16. How does the world see you?
Starlight moonlight - Secret

17. Will you have a happy life?
Bling girl - B1A4

18. What do your friend really think of you?
Let's go crazy - CNBlue

19. Do people secretly lust after you?
No more perfume on you - Teen Top

20. How can i make myself happy?
Before the dawn - Infinate

21. What should you do with your life?
Monalisa - MBLAQ

22. Will you ever have a children?
Love love love - FTisland

JayPark yang menyelerakan

14 August 2011

Donghae nak pass makanan kat aku pakai mulut lah! >///<

Kelmarin ayah aku ada bawa snek balik rumah. Ala, makanan tu manis-manis, yang ada kacang tu, yang keras-keras tu. Aku tak tahu la nama benda tu apa. Aku tanya ibu aku apa nama makanan tu, ibu kata ‘jipang’.  Ok, namanya pelik, tak sebut gula ataupun kacang. Jadi aku lupa.

Jipang. Tapi yang aku makan tu tak berbalut dengan plastik camni.

Semalam, aku nak makan snek tu. Jadi aku pun selongkar semua almari dapur. Dalam hati asyik cakap ‘Mana JinYoung ni?’.

Bila aku dah jumpa, aku terus jerit kat adik aku
Aku: Nurd! Kau nak makan JinYoung tak?
Nurd: Huh? JinYoung? Mana? Nak!!

Ok, adik aku tu peminat Jinyoung leader B1A4 tu, memang la dia laju je jawab. Ayah aku terdengar perbualan kita orang, dia pun menyampuk la.
Ayah: Nama benda tu ‘Jipang’ la.
Aku: Uh? JayPark pulak? *Aku salah dengar*
Ayah: Jipang. J I P A N G.
Aku: Ohh!! Tak pe la ayah. Akak nak panggil dia JayPark la. Baru Nampak menyelerakan sikit nak makan.
Nurd: Aku nak panggil dia JinYoung la. Aku tak nak makan ‘Pink old lady’ tu. *2PM Wild Bunny*
Aku: Sesuai la nama benda ni JayPark. Bukan badan dia berketak-ketak ke? *Samakan permukaan makanan dengan abs JayPark*

Sama tak? hahaha

Lepas puas makan ‘JayPark’ tu, aku tinggalkan la makanan tu dengan ayah aku. Kita orang duduk dalam bilik, gossip-gossip k-pop. *Tu topic hot kita orang kalau dalam bilik* Tiba-tiba rasa nak kunyah, ‘JayPark’ je, masa berbual-bual. Bila keluar bilik. Adik aku tanya ayah.
Nurd: Ayah, JayPark mana?
Ayah: Dah habis.
Nurd: *Jerit* Akak, ayah dah habiskan JayPark!
Aku: Ala, ayah dah habiskan? Ayah kena beli JayPark esok.

Ayah aku dah habiskan JayPark. Sekarang aku tunggu, bila la ayah aku nak beli ‘JayPark’ lagi. Aww, JayPark sungguh sedap. Manisss.

Ni, scene terakhir malam tu. *Amboi, ‘scene’?*
Nurd: Kakak, kau rindu JayPark tak?
Aku: Rinduuu. :’(

Hahaha, teruk! >.< Korang suka JayPark tak? hahaha

B1A4 taggie.

13 August 2011

Untuk entry kali ni, aku bertukar jadi BANA kejap, sebab aku dah kena tag untuk buat B1A4 punya taggie ni. Lepas ni aku tukar jadi ELF balik. >.< Err, sorry la untuk tag B1A4 ni, aku pakai gambar Donghae dengan Sungmin jadi gambar pertama.

Ok, let's begin!

1. Turutan ahli dalam B1A4
     :: GongChan
     :: Baro
     :: Jinyoung
     :: Sandeul
     :: CNU

2. Kenapa korang pilih dia pertama?
     :: Sebab, dia sungguh comel. Alolo, comeyy.

3. Top 3 lagu B1A4 yang paling korang suka.
     :: OK
     :: Bling girl
     :: Only learnt bad thing

4. Upload video yang korang suka ulang banyak kali.

5. Dalam video tu sape paling hensem?
     :: Jinyoung

6. Upload gambar yang korang rasa seronok bila pandang.

7. Upload gambar B1A4 freestyle

8. Dalam gambar tu siapa paling spontan?
     :: Sandeul

9. Kalau korang diberi pilihan selain daripada bias korang, korang nak keluar dengan siapa?
     :: Jinyoung

10. Upload gambar ahli no.3 pilihan korang
11. Apa korang buat kalau terserempak dengan ahli no.2 pilihan korang?
     :: Nak mintak tangkap gambar sama-sama dan shakehand. *I nak hug kalau dia tu Donghae. haha*

12. Taggie tag
     :: I tag kat semua blogger BANA! :)

K-Pop tagging!

09 August 2011

1. Artis k-pop kesukaan korang (10 org)
Lee Donghae [Super Junior]
Hero Jaejoong [TVXQ]
Max Changmin [TVXQ]
Lee Hyukjae [Super Junior]
Park Jungsoo [Super Junior]
Taecyeon [2PM]
Eli [U-Kiss]
Shin Soohyun [U-Kiss]
Shin Dongho [U-Kiss]
Son Dongwoon [Beast]

2. Lagu k-pop yang korang suka (10 lagu)
Mr.Simple - Super Junior
Perfection - Super Junior
Off My mind - Henry Lau
For the first time lover - Jung Yonghwa
Hands up - 2PM
Monalisa - MBLAQ
0330 - U-Kiss
Lucifer - SHINee
Supa Luv - Teen Top
Bling girl - B1A4

3. Lagu k-pop yang selalu dengar (5 lagu)
Mr.Simple - Super Junior
Y - Super Junior
Memories - Yesung
Beautiful - Lee Donghae
Storm - Super Junior

4. Korang nak jadi macam... (3org)
Jessica [SNSD]
Shin Min Ah
Victoria [F(x)]

5. Nak kawen dgn sape? (3 org)
Lee Donghae
Lee Donghae
Lee Donghae
*Tak terfikir nama orang lain kalau cakap pasal kawen. ekekeke.

6. Dalam dunia k-pop korang benci siapa? (berapa2 je) 
Yang Yoseob! ahaha, aku cuma tak suka dia tu berlagak maknae Beast. Sepatutnya Dongwoon la maknae. Tak acii betul. Tapi aku terpaksa mengakui yang dia tu memang ada baby face dan lebih sesuai jadi maknae dari Dongwoon. =.=

Aku dapat tag ni free free je dari dia ni. Dah dia tag kat semua yang berminat. Rasa terpanggil pulak. hohoho. Korang yang nak join pun join je. Enjoy sebab dapat berangan lebih-lebih sikit masa buat benda alah ni. Hohoh.

I need a girl

08 August 2011

  1. Put your music library on shuffle.
  2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
  3. You must write that song title as the answer to the question, no matter how silly it sounds! Most of the time they seem to work though, strangely though.
  4. Ok, go!

1. If someone say 'shelf' you say
     Baby good night - GD & TOP

2. How would you describe yourself?
     It's you - Super Junior

3. What do you like in a guy/girl?
     Hands up - 2PM

4. How do you feel today?
     Shampoo - After School

5. What is your life purpose?
     Beautiful - Lee Donghae

6. What's your motto?
     Lonely - 2NE1

7. What do your friend think about you?
     Tell them - Block B

8. What do you think about your parents?
     Only learnt the bad thing - B1A4

9. What do you think about very often?
     I'll be back - 2PM

10. What is 2+2?
     Man man ha ni - U-Kiss

11. What do you think about your bestfriend?
     Avracadabra - Dirty Eyed Girls version.

12. What do you think about the person you like?
     Don't say good bye - CN Blue

13. What is your life story?
     Ma boy - Sistar 19

14. What do you want to be if you grow up?
     Love song - Big Bang

15. What do you think of when you see the person you like?
     E.L.F song - Goodwill & MGI

16. What will you dance to at your wedding?
     Forever love - DBSK

17. What will they play at your funeral?
     Wanna B - Block B

18. What is your biggest fear?
     Lovin ice cream - As One & EZ-life

19. What is your biggest secret?
     Better together - Se7en

20. What you will post this as
     I need a girl - Taeyang

I don't think that i need a girl. What thee... title. grr. Erm, I only have korean song. ekeke.

I got this from Eunhyukie biased blog. Wah memang patut partner ngan aku pun. Me, Donghae biased. So bila bergabung kitaorang jadi EunHae biased. Hohoho. Aku suka pe EunHae. Aku tahu benda ni cuma fan fiction je. Tapi, aku nampak macam real. <3<3<3

Haha, kelakar je. 

Blow your mind, kara Mr.Simple

06 August 2011

Bwara! Uri Lee Donghae. *No, its mine!*

Aku kene tag oleh Yayah. Rasa seronok pula hari ni sebab 30 days kpop challenge yang aku buat dah tamat. Assa!! Yang ni pula tinggal jawab soalan senang je. Hoho. Aku suka soalan ni! 

Kalau ada Kyuhyun ni, mesti ak dah kena pukul sebab asyik membebel je. Seram la masa tengok dia pukul Eunhyuk semalam. Bapak kejam la laki tu. Orang berjabat tangan, dia berjabat tangan pakai kaki. Haishh. Kalau dia buat cemtu kat Donghae, jaga la dieee.

Ok, kita mulakan soalan.

1. List top 5 k-pop band korang.   
     :: Super Junior
     :: U-Kiss
     :: 2PM
     :: Boyfriend
     :: B1A4

2. Sape ultimate bias korang kat band no.1?   

3. Lagu favorite korang kat band no.3   
     Hands up! *err, nak bagi lagi boleh? banyak ni.

4. Nampyeon korang kat band no. 2
     Eli oppa!

5. Kenapa korang minat band no.5?
     Sebab aku suka dengar lagu dari band dyorang+Dyorang tu muda lagi. *Gileew

6. Lagu paling best yang korang dengar dari band no.4
     You and i.

7. Member yang paling korang nak jumpa dala band no.1
     Semuaa!! Super Junior! *Haishh, mana boleh pilih-pilih. =.=

8. Best MV choreography oleh band no.3
     I'll be back.

9. Hadiah yang korang nak bagi kat bias korang dalam band no.2
     My heart. Can i?

10. Member band no.5 yang hampir sama dengan ciri-ciri idaman korang.
     GongChan. <3

11. Ucapan untuk band no.4
     Im your girlfriend! Annyeonghaseyo, girlfriend imnida! Boyfriend, hwaiting! *Tiru balik intro dyorang. ekeke

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