Tag for k-popers!

20 August 2011

I got this k-pop tag from Darla the Primadona.

Step to do this taggie:
1. Choose one k-pop band that you really love.
2. Answer the following question and relate it with the group that you have choose.

Let's start!

Super Junior  슈퍼주니어 

1. Why do you love / like this group?
I don't know why. It just happen naturally. I've fell in love with them since i watch Super Girl music video. The great music and voice has make me want to know more about them. Plus, they're good looking aren't they?Then, after i'd know them, i can't forget about them. Just like old folks say, 'Tak kenal maka tak cinta.'. Untll now, no one can defeat them. They stay still on the top of my heart!

2. Who is your nampyeon, and state 3 things/habits about him/her that you love to see.
My nampyeon? Lee Donghae oppa of course! I love to see the way he smile. He love to wake other members up by hugging them. Oh, I really wish that he could wake me up. Err. but if he wake me up, i'm sure that i'll continue sleeping and let him hug me longer. Hahaha. The third thing that I love about him is he's life motto,“남들에게 손가락질 받지말자!” (Lets not point at others). He such a good man. He don't smoke neither drink. Jagiya, ILYSM!

3. What is their first song that you ever heard/knew and your first impression about it.
The first Super Junior song that i've ever heard is Sorry sorry. I watch the music video with Nana Niel a k-pop holic and i'm not a k-popers at that time. On that time, i wonder why is Nana Niel watch that video like crazy? And why is everybody like Sorry sorry song? I don't think that a good song and the music video only have a black and white in colour. But, after i've be an E.L.F, I started to love that song. >///<

4. If you have the opportunity to going out with one of group member, and what are you gonna do together?
What? only one? I really hope that i could spent my time with all the Super Junior member. But if i really don't have a choice. I would like to choose Donghae oppa. Mianhe oppa. TT.TT . I think i want to visit his mother at hometown in Mokpo, try to be his dream girl, and the most important is, i want to do what a couple usually do. I know you know what i mean. Hehehe

5. Give your encouraging word to them and not to be more than 15 words.
Super Junior oppa! I'll always be your E.LF. Take care of yourself! I just want to say SARANGHAE!

I'll tag to: Nana Niel, Nurd Cullen and Yayah Zack.