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11 September 2013

Okay guys. This is big. I dont even know that im actually a ghost. I thought im just a mammals homosapien. Well.... Beware guys. I might be laying beside you this night. Cuddle with me pls. Muaahaha.

Im just kidding. This is just my name definition from urban dictionary. Have you guys try it? Oh come on. This is fun. Let me tell you how.

1. Login you twitter
2. Tweet "Define ........" Anything that you want to define.
3. Wait for about 3-4 second and check your 'mention'
4. And Pooff! Your word have been defined.

but if after a few minutes you still did not get a reply from urban dictionary, that's mean your word cant be defined. Aww.. don't be sad. Try again with new other word. You know what? Defining someone's name is the best. Here just like what i did.

Lastly.... After a few week i have left this blog. I actually have prepared a present for you guys! [Click Here]

Have a nice day!

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