Wordless Wednesday: Rate me!

14 December 2016

I will be busy for my final this month. So I wont be updating entry I guess. Plus, idea untuk update entry pun tak ada. Luckily today is wednesday, so boleh la update macam ni.

I really  want to know what you guys think about me. Tak kisah la based on my entry ke, tweet ke, gambar kat instagram ke or my facebook update. Just be honest. You guys can add up your own number if your opinion tak ada dalam option haha

If I could rate for myself and I shoud be really honest about this, then it should be number......

21) Noob!


  1. Idk why but all your latests posts are not appearing on my reading list

  2. I'd say #4 HAHAHAHAHAHA kata wordless tapi ada ayat!

    1. Hahahaa omg why. Weh rasa awkward soh kalau biarkan entry tanpa ayat. Tak tau nape hahaahahahah

      Sorry i violates Wordless Wednesday segment lolol

  3. Replies
    1. Omg i think youre the only one fikir im 8. Wait until I buat muka blur sebab tak faham ayat double meaning/sarcasm/hard pickupline lol

      Yang paling parah is tak boleh digest sarcasm, until now T^T