NE FF : No one special

06 May 2012

NE FF stands for Never End Fan Fiction. Want to know more about this? Click here.

Aku tak tahu apa yang menyebabkan aku mimpi pasal Onew, SHINee padahal aku bukannya selalu tengok muka dia or buat apa apa yang ada kena mengena dengan dia. Dia bukan bias aku. AAA Tolong!

  • ME
  • Onew, SHINee
  • SHINee's manager *I don't know whether SHE's the manager or not.*

After a few hours at the shopping mall. Yeah, weekend this is what are my family use to do. We want to go back home. We're going to use an escalator to get to the first floor. From the second floor, i could group of girls holds a banner. So we wait for the first floor is 'clean' from all the girl.

I wonder who are they waiting for. A few minute later, there is two man get out from the left door and then all the girl are shouting and start to move closer to them. So we make a quick step to use the escalator and avoid the girl.

When i was on the escalator i saw man behind the first man is falling down due to a lot of girl are pushing them. The first man didn't help him but only give him a mad glare and just leave him alone. The man who fall stands up and run away. The fans realize what happen and they dismiss.

My family and i went to parking lot and i saw a man crying beside our car. I definitely know him. He is Onew, SHINee! I remember the cloth the the 'falling man' is the same like what Onew is wearing right now. "AH! You're SHINee Onew!! So, the man who give you dead glare is your manager?" i ask him. He just nodding.

Since he look so awful, i decide to bring him home. He sit beside my bed in my room. I tried to talk to him but it's never gonna work because i don't know korean language much. So, to make him forget what just happen to him at the shopping mall, i take out my handphone and ask Onew,"Selca?" he smile and make a lot of cute poses. I hate to admit it, but i love to see his bright smile. I don't know that he love camera so much.

But then my mom call me, "Akak! Someone are looking for you!". When i start to stand up to see who is looking for me, Onew's face is changing into sad face back. When i get out from the room, i saw a girl late 20 asking me, "Is Onew here?". I was shock, how did she found out? Looking at my confused face, the girl continue her word, "Don't be surprised by this. We're tracking his phone number." I still stand stiff and didn't answer her. "Why? Huh, this is i don't understand about fangirl. What are they see in the idol? Idol are just normal human being just like you. Nothing special!" 

Before i answer all the question, Onew appears from my back and get out from my house and go into the car in front of my house. "Okay thank you. I've got to go.". To me everything is moving too fast, but it's okay at least i got my selca with Onew in my phone....

LOL I woke up in the morning ang check my phone. It's dissapointing when the selca is not there. T.T

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