NE FF : It's time to run.

05 May 2012

NE FF stands for Never End Fan Fiction. Want to know more about this? Click here.

Ok, tak tahu kenapa aku boleh termimpi pasal benda ni. Mungkin sebab aku asyik fikirkan hubungan dia orang. Ok, aku menngaku aku frust. Tapi aku dah boleh kawal perasaan aku sekarang. *Memang susah nak kawal perasaan cemburu kalau dah suka.* 

Ok, benda ni dalam Bi. Nak test Bi. LOL

  • ME.
  • Donghae, Super Junior
  • Jessica, SNSD

Today is the day. My class make an outdoor activities. Early in the morning, all my classmate has come to the lake. *Seriously i don't know where the exact place is* The first activity is jogging around the lake. I jog by myself. I don't know why that day i didn't meet any of my bestfriend. I jogging while enjoy the view of the lake.

Then, there is a foreign couple jog pass over me. I'm just watching them from their back. I feel uneasy when seeing the man beside the girl. I feels like i know him. After a few minutes i've solved my mind puzzle. I know he is Lee Donghae, Super Junior, but who is the girl besides him? and what are they doing in Malaysia?

I made a decision to ask him right away. So i make my steps faster to catch up the couple. I few steps before i reach the couple, suddenly the couple stops. This make my move freeze. What i saw in my eye is, Donghae lower his self to tie the untie shoe of the girl. From this distance, i can recognize the girl. The girl is Jessica, SNSD!

//Err, this is suppose to be Donghae, and the girl should be wearing a tracksuit//

After Donghae got Jessica's shoe tie, they continue jogging and having fun. I could hear their laughing hapily. I feels hard to breathe by watching them so i stops walking. I head got full of question about them.

My boy classmate who walking behind me wake me up from my daydream. They are boy who likes to 'bully' me in class. They shout "Hey Hafzhan! Tired already?". As usually like in the class, i've never answer their question and starts running....

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