Get to know me

08 May 2016


Guess what im the one yang macam request nak buat tag ni. Pastu Numigx terus tag dalam entry dia. Sebab macam best. Thank you thank you thank you. Go and read Numigx's entry, get to know her here []  <3

1. Name
Nur Hafzhan

2. Age
22 years young (2016)

3. Best friend/s
I can be best friend with anybody. If you want me to mention somebody, i think its Apis and my sister, Nadhirah lol.

4. Relationship status
It's complicated. Ok ok tipu je single hahahahahahahahahahahha kbai.

5. Piercing you have

6. Piercing you want
Two piercing for both ear so i can wear all my favorite earring. But i dont even wear subang sebab ada kes masa kecil subang tersangkut kat anak tudung, lepas tu biasa la budak budak. Rimas sangat dengan tudung, pakai tarik je laju-laju. Hmm nikmat pakai subang hahahahha

7. Tattoo you have
I dont have any.

8. Tattoo you want
I want a barcode or QR Code tattoo on my arm or at the back of my neck or on my wrist. I find it awesome lol (not gonna happen but if there are temporary tatoo like that, why not? lol)

9. Favorite blog
It's not about favorite blog actually but its about favorite blogger. I tend to like blog yang tuan dia ramah gila until i feels like "Weiii we should be friendss!!"

10. The meaning behind my URL
It is my name, No hidden meaning. But my previous URL have it's own secret. Read about it (here)

11. Favorite band at the moment
I dont have specific favorite band. I listen to music that i think it's nice.

12. Favorite movie
All cartoon and action movie!

13. A fact about my personality
I have different personality when im in social media and real life.

I still remember when i showed Apis cute sticker and he was like "Kau suka benda comel? Ni bukan ajan yang aku kenal" and bla bla bla because he thought i like boyish thingy. And that was 3-4 years after we knew each other. Am i right apis?

And I still remember when my matriks friend told me that "Wei kau pendiam kot dulu. ni follow pun sebab fikir kawan" --He told me this sebab lepas habis matrik aku baru follow dia kat twitter and start reply tweet dia lol (Honestly, i dont really talk to guy in real life lol even my matriks classmate haha. Awkwardd)

14. What I hate most about myself
My gedik-ness. Whenever i think about it, i feels like punching myself.

15. What I love about myself
Everything? I dont want to write out because you might think im obssessed to myself hahaha. It's good anyway. Tak payah la nak insecure dengan semua orang. You're precious too gurl.

16. What I want to be when I'm older
A very friendly and sporting old women and give advise to youngsters from my life experience.

17. Idea of perfect date
Having fun at themepark so there will be no awkwardness. (Ima awkward person but i started to forget about everything at themeparks lol ) --I dont know how dating environment actually or what kind of girlfriend am i lol

18. Thing/s i hate the most
Decide what to eat for dinner. Kalau boleh tak nak makan nasi. Tapi kalau tak makan nasi nanti lapar. Lagi la benda lain yang aku makan hahahahha (contoh: makan biskut 2 balang lol) --This is why girl cant diet. Kalau period pulak, dijadikan excuse "ala period tak pe makan banyak. Memang masa period ni selera makan macam monster"

19. Weakness
Bad in socializing in real life

20. Phobia
Altophobia - fear of height (Don't laught but i afraid to jump over a drain sebab rasa dalam gila longkang tu and im on a high place serious. Lepas tu kalau langkah jugak, rasa macam ada possibility kena sedut dalam longkang. Tak tau la apa aku fikirkan sebenarnya lol. Rela ambil jalan jauh asal tak payah langkah longkang huaaa)

21. what I hate most about school
I have no things i hate nor thing i love at school. Neutral.

22. Things I find attractive in guy
Em let me think... I dont know. Whenever i find guy attractive, i don't even know what is it. Its just happen lol And if that happen, mati lah that guy. Im going to be your creepy stalker--Like i have the same person as crush since i was in form 3 for 3 years. Tapi cuma pandang dari belakang je. I might pengsan kalau berdiri jarak dekat hahahaha (I might sound funny but its real)

23. Biggest turn on
A guy playing with cats.

24, Biggest turn off
A guy playing with cats. I mean a cats that i try to call them to come to me but they went to the guy instead ugh -- Benci i bila kucing pun pandai menggatal dengan lelaki haih

25. A random fact that i know
Psychological said that if you touch an item you interested in, you have a big probability to buy that item at any price. --I started to control my hand from touching any sale item lol. And i dont remember where i read this fact.

26. A quote I love my life on
Do anything that make yourself happy, dont rely on others too much.

27. Something I need to get off my chest
Honestly la kan. Aku tak faham soalan ni. Is there something on my chest? XD

28. A description of the person I hate and why i hate them
I can't think of anybody. So.. I dont have any?

29. The last time i cried and why

A few days back because handphone tercampak macam main lontar peluru. Screen protector crack T^T --Nak kata jaguh lontar peluru pun tak dulu. Tak sengaja kot tercampak tsk tsk tsk.

30. Looks or personality --Why?
Personality! You can have a good look by having a good personality but you cant have a good personality by having a good look.

Sorry lambat publish benda ni. Padahal aku yang sibuk sangat nak buat benda ni (based on ayat atas sekali tu haha)

Btw, regarding entry lepas kes procrastination aku tu. Bawah ni cerita sebenarnya. Sebab tu sempat karaoke lagu anime, lipat baju, beramah mesra dengan warga twitter, tulis 3 entry blog and sempat update blog lagi tu. Padahal....


  1. Hehehe kelakar la ajan ni. Nampak macam ganas semacam je tapi ada sisi comel ;D

  2. blh buat entri ni kalau ketandusan idea hihihi :D