Bloom2U the fresh flower delivery

20 May 2016


Today I want to share with you a website I found the other day, and how said website helped me out of a little problem. The website is called Bloom2U and it’s about their table arrangements.

Bloom2U is a fresh flower delivery company that covers nationwide distribution and even international shipping too. They’re not your average puchong florist that runs an outdated website using Wix, but instead, they take their online game seriously. Like they’ve got their categories sorted out which makes searching so much easier. They’ve got everything from arrangements for birthdays, flowers for funeral, hampers for festivals and more. It’s pretty cool because I could just drop, shop and ship with these guys.

Pricing is pretty okay considering their floral arrangements, which are gorgeous! Some of the more minimalistic ones are quite stunning and clever. There are a solid selection of flower types as well if you’re looking for a more not-so-mainstream range, but mind you some of them could get pretty pricey - like, just check out this one, the Anne Boleyn.

It’s sooo pretty!

So anyway, back to the story. I was outstation at the time and was on my way back home when I remembered that I wanted to throw a surprise fancy dinner for Tony. Being cocky in my time management, I realized I totally forgot about the table set-up, thinking only about the food and cutlery. (I know I know.. Rookie mistake!)

So knowing I wouldn’t have the time to sort that little bit out, I opened Bloom2U, made my purchase and they had it delivered the very next day to my house. Sorted!

Like I said, they’re not just some small puchong florist who made a site just for the sake of making one. Definitely one of the best local fresh flower delivery sites I’ve come across so far. So if you’re looking to get some pretty flora for whatever the occasion, I can’t insist this site enough. On a side note, I found their flowers for funeral selections rather sweet. Kind of morbid I know. But besides that, they even have some fruit baskets if you’re looking for an alternative.