25 Things That Make Me Happy

18 March 2016


The rules :- 
  • Create a new post + insert the theme picture above. 
  • List 25 things that make you happy most of the time (in any language you're comfortable with)
  • Mention the blog that have tagged you. 
  • Tag at least other 5 bloggers & make sure they know they've been tagged. 
  • You might also share your favourite quote of the week (if you don't have any, then it's okay).

Firstly i would like to that to those who tag me for this. Sya, Mr. Mirul and Syz! Click on their name to read 25 things that make them happy. This is mine:-

  1. Suprises
  2. Surround by cats!
  3. Family and friends gathering
  4. Having a box of ice cream for myself
  5. Chocolate of course!
  6. Visiting new places
  7. Cute stuff
  8. Receiving smiles from stranger (Kalau senyum macam pervert, aku lari bye)
  9. Receiving a nice word (I feel appreciated by this)
  10. Getting comfortable with people i just met (usually i take a year to get comfortable with people)
  11. Ate a lot but didnt gain weight 
  12. Went to concert and met oppa XD (Still oppa havent notice me)
  13. When i took picture using my instax camera and it turns out good!
  14. Whenever i look "kurus" in picture
  15. People write and pronounce my name right
  16. Reading/watch a good deed that people have done to other (It really motivate me to become better person)
  18. Won a contest or giveaway
  19. Perfume with vanilla scent
  20. Done things that i thought it is impossible for me to do
  21. Watching funny videos (Faveret: Faizdickie, Zukieee)
  22. Organizing a giveaway/segment (i can feel the bond between us maynn)
  23. Getting enough sleep 
  24. Re-read my old blog entry (Dia ada fefeling macam "I wrote these??")
  25. Warm "Hi" from blogger who blogwalked here :D
The lucky tagged blogger are:

I took quite long time to finish this entry because i could not list out things that make me happy. Weird huh? I even ask help from someone to suggest things that make me happy and i think he is genius when he managed to listed out some. Its funny how i can only list out 4 that time lol

Thanks for the suggestion eh Apis --He told me that he want to be credited for this. Ha amik la kau.

To Syasandeul, sorry la siapkan entry lambat. Selain daripada tak tau apa yang buat diri sendiri happy, kak long kawasan awak ni busy bila dah naik semester. Tak sangka jadi final year student ni terus busy gilo. Tsk tsk.


  1. ais krim and chocs. berbunga-bunga kalau dapat free

  2. Replies
    1. Yeah okay. Buat eh. I wanna see yours. Mesti best best :D

  3. no. 17 yaaaassss *high five* haha :D

  4. no 10 yg dalam kurungan tu apsal so trueee sgt kaklong kawasan? :-(

    and here a warm Hi, tomorrow a warmer Hi from the sun! heeeee :pp

    1. HAha sya pun sama ke? Akak ni awkward namateyy kalau dengan orang baru jumpa. I take 1 year to get comfortable. So bila kejap je dah comfortable tu, YODA ONEEEE XD

      hahaha sangat warm XD

    2. Agak awkward la tmbah tmbah kalau stranger tu pun jenis mcm tklayan sgt..haha. Kalau jenis ngam ni, brp jam atau brp hari lepastu terus mcm org kenal dh 10 tahun! haha xD

      sgt warm kaaaaan. kaklong pls minum air byk and takecareeeee hee #sisperihatin :"D

    3. Kan? Akak dah la slow bab nak start mulakan conversation. Terasa dalam dilema nak jadi manusia ke nak jadi batu masa tu hahaha.

      Haha sya pun jangan lupa minum air mineral banyak banyak. Keep yourself hydrated!

  5. dia punya 25 random things buat dia happy tu... haha nice tho'... :D

  6. we need more no. 8, 9 & 16 tbh! :)

    Hehehehe nk jumpa oppa gak hihi. Andddddddddddddddd pls sleep early!!!!!!!!!! <3

    1. Hahaha jom la melawat oppa kat korea hahahaha

      Sleep early ni best kalau betul-betul dah mengantuk. Tapi kalau dah baring terus segar tu zzzzzzzzzzzz

  7. thanks tag tapi tak tau bila nak buat sebab 25 things tu cam susah kalau nak tidak-hambarkan ahhahaa

    1. Weh..... Honestly..... Sangat..... Susah..... Tak tipuuu tsk tsk

      Ni pun mintak tolong orang lain sikit sikit. Apa apa pun cuba la buat. Mana tau boleh ke haha