3 watches for women to wear with an evening dress

10 March 2016


Watches are seen to be the perfect accessory for women to perk their outfits. The watches will never go out of style as everyone needs a stylish timepiece to tell the time with. It is true that sometimes we do glance at our cellphone screens to tell the time but watches will always be a must-have fashion item. 

As there are many designs of watches in the market nowadays, it can be very overwhelming to pick out the one which suits your style. For the ladies who love going out or often get invited to events, you will need the perfect watch to match with your evening dresses. 

However, some of us may feel that it can be quite confusing to pick the right design of watches for women. Want to know the designs of watches that will enhance the beauty of your evening dresses? Take a look down below.

  • Embellished Stainless Steel

This is the favourite piece chosen by women as it gives a more sophisticated yet elegant touch to their outfit. It will definitely add that element of glamour to your entire look and serves as a nice statement fashion piece. For a creative touch, add on some bangles to create the focus of attention to your wrist.

  • Simple Silver

Indivduals who prefer a simple touch to their dress should definitely opt for a nice silver watch. Whether a wide or small watch face, the time telling instrument will absolutely add that extra appeal to your outfit.

  • Black Leather Strap

The black leather strap watches may be a typical choice but it definitely works especially for the ladies who prefer versatility. The watch will not jeopardize your look regardless of what colour of dress you wear.


  1. OMG THE BLACK LEATHER IS SO GOJES. haha. qila suka semuaaaa asalkan jam tu mcm kecik hihi. kalau besau nau mcm kureng hihi. semua cantiks ah T_T

  2. suka yg paling last kot sbb tak suka pakai jam besi, hehe