Liebster Award: damaniqueen

28 April 2014

Guess who have been tagged for this Liebster Award? Me! Big thanks to Lia for tagging me. I am pretty sure that most of you know how this Liebster Award goes. So yeah i dont have to explain more. 

-Mention the person who nominated you with a link to their blog.
-Answer the 11 questions asked.
-Nominate 11 other bloggers with a smaller following but with lots of potential.
-Create 11 of your own questions for them to answer.
-Notify your nominate.

Q: What kind of blogger do you hate the most?
A: I hate the one with A LOT of unuseable widget because it will took time to load.

Q: Ever you receive some amount of money from blogging?
A: Yeah! Last year from nuffnang. The amount is not too big because i dont have much time to maintain my blog traffic.

Q: What is your biggest regret?
A: Regret? I can't remember anything. I ususally let it slide so i wont think too much about it.

Q: What do you think about eccentric wardrobe style?
A: I think theyre unique and i wish i can to try it too. Lol

Q: What would you say to your reflection in front of the mirror?
A: "Ajan, you look so great today. If i were a boy, i could have fall in to you over and over again" --cheesy huh? lol

Q: The most embarrased thing ever happened in your school life.
A: During exam in my secondary school, i have to pass the exam question to my crush. The paper is clearly vibrating (Because im shaking of course!) and when he reach the paper, i was suppose to release it but i was frozen and we are in a push and pull game. Okay that soooooooo embarrased me. AAAAA

Q: Is there something you like the most but you are afraid people will call you weird if they know about that?
A: Emmm.. When i have to think about it, i just cant recall. T^T

Q: Mention 3 wild animal to pet if youre allowed and why.
A: Most reason of the animal that i want to pet is theyre cute and furry. I would like to pet a lion, a polar bear and jaguar.

Q: What kind of magic do you wish to master?
A: Teleportation because i want to travel all over the world without spending any money hahaha.

Q: Ever you seen hatred to be love in real life?
A: Not yet but i do believe it is exist.

Q: Korea or Japan? Why?
A: Korea because im a kpopper (was) and i know much more about korea than japan. I even learn hangul by myself (due to my obsession towards kpop. HAHA)


These blogger are choosen randomly by me. Those who wasn't being tagged also can do this if you want. But yeah, do inform me if you have answer this. I would like to read your answer ^^

My question:
1. Have you ever have a weird nickname? Tell us about it.
2. If you have a time machine, at which time would you go travel back?
3. Describe about your crush in 5 words.
4. Which part of your body is your favorite? Why?
5. What is the last thing you purchase online?
6. List 3 your current favorite song.
7. Got any phobia? (Phobia list is here)
8. Got any talent that nobody know? (It can be weird too like "I can ride a roller coaster without screaming or make any face expression")
9. When you start blogging and in what age?
10. What is the farthest thing that your hand can touch?
11. How long that you take to finished up this entry?

Im trying my best to provide you an interesting question. I hope you like it! Enjoy!

Wondering why am i writing this entry in english? I was actually tagged by an Indonesian blogger, so it won't fair if i write this in malay. I hope you understand me. :)

P/S: i cannot notify those nominees tonight because i have to study for my exam. So if you see your blog link here, just do it okay ^^

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  1. "What would you say to your reflection in front of the mirror? "

    Amelia, why do u look like you've been electrocuted and how come your left eye is puffier than the other one ? . hehehe.