Ice skating at Sunway Pyramid

30 January 2014


Fisrtly, let me warn you that today's entry will be written in fully broken english. This is not "poyo"entry but, this entry will need more describing and im good at describing in english. So please bear with me. this is one of my most long entry i have to say.

29 January 2014 
We went to Sunway pyramid (Me, Nad, and my 5 years old lil sis, Dona). We choose wednesday because it is on weekday. If we go on weekend surely the ice rink will be full by people. Dona is the most excited one, i guess this is my first time hang out with all my younger sister.

Okay maybe i should just proceed on my experience on ice rink.

Last night before i went to Sunway Pyramid, i have googled and watched all those tutorial ice skating for the first timer. I remember everything that have been taught. First time to put on the ice skating shoe is the most unforgetable moment since i know i will be ice skating for real. I was only watch it on TV since then.

First time getting on the ice rink really crack my imagination on how wonderful ice skating is. I cant even control myself. It is really hard to keep myself stable. All i can do is squiggling around and fall. Can you imagine. I fall 5 times in less 30 minutes. That was really hurt. But that hurt didn't stop me to do more squiggling. People who sliding on the ice rink somehow give me courage to do more.

So i standing by the wall to balance myself and watch all those people skates in the middle. I tried to move like them but i keep on falling. I was like "This is ridiculous! How can i skates like that? Those people are insane. I think i am the only one who are normal right now. Where i am on earth?". I keep on mumbling and get out of the ice rink.

Sitting alone and seeing myself in the mirror
"Hey you, actually what are you good at? You're bad at everything."-- Bad side of me appears.
"No! You're good. Can't you see that you have almost done it. You just need some practise."-- My angelic side tried to back me up.

I skates better with bobby (orange thingy), but that was for kids T^T

So yeah, my angelic side always win. I get onto the ice rink again. After my pant dry a little since i kept on falling, my shirt and pant started getting wet, i watched people AGAIN. Tried to follow their step but keep falling and failing. Im just going to hug Nad to prevent im fall again. And Nad said "Stop making a drama here."

After a few practice (and fall too), I know how to move foward but i don't know how to stop and drive myself to the left and right. So i will just bump to the wall. Bumping to the wall is better than fall onto your butt i guess.

But then a few minutes later, i bump to Nad and i fall onto my butt first and i hit my head on the ice rink. My leg was sliding in between nad's leg. Nad said "can you stop doing a body gag here?". Wow making a body gag really hurts. Everybody on the ice rink was looking at me. Well i know what they're thinking.

"Omg! Her head just hit the ice rink. That must be freaking hurt"
"Wth, is she trying to crack this ice rink"
"Lol, what a loser"
"Pity on her, i bet she will not come here again."
"It's not a fracture i hope. But that hit's sound really loud"
"Is she okay"
"Im a beginner too, but i guess im better than her"
"Is that a trial to commit suicide or what?"

So i decided to stop skating. Since my head feel so dizzy. My body ache all over. I got blistered on my leg. Hurts my butt, my back, my neck, my palm, my knee. Bruised everywhere.

Seeing Dona skates and didn't fall, i guess she is better than me as a beginner (This is first time she ice skates). Even i heard some adault said

"Tengok budak tu rileks je" 
"Eh macam mana budak tu jalan tak jatuh?"

Well i heard them all. I was guarding Dona at the back and those people don't know i am her sister. I guess she worth to feeling excited at the start. She is inspirated by girl kid who push her while her on bobby thingy i guess. Yeah, who dont right?

What i learn today, ice skating is not easy as i see on TV. Learning through your eyes doesnt give you anything unless youre on the situation and practise it. Don't too hurried to learn, do start from the bottom. If experiencing is hurt then try to not expriece it in the future. 


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  3. Am_Mir: Thanks sebab suka entry ni. Lagu ni memang best, Yuna - Random Awesome :)

  4. Zara Nurhaidah: Then you should try. Pakai bantal letak kat punggung. Nanti kalau jatuh tak sakit XD