They're my alien

02 September 2012

Can you spot me? ><

Just now i look at my highschool memories. I felt like want to share it here because it is dem funny. LOL. I wonder why whenever we upload a picture, we must makesure the picture come out well?

Here some picture i want to share.This was taken last year on Jom Masuk U Programme. I really can't forget that day because i meet Syafie Naswip accidently. LOL Read about it here <click>

Do you know what i found in this picture? *drumrolls*
-please scroll-

Now, what i found here?
-Yes,you need to scroll down-

This is so obvious! I know you've found it!
-scroll and scroll-

Derp Ain. LOL this is do hilarious!

LOL i can see it. HAHAH
-scroll, of course!-

LOL this is me. HAHAHA

Ok this is last. So it's a bit special. I hope this friend won't get mad on me. I'm just doing this for fun. Jjjang!! TEEHEE

Offtopic: Ah! Today Ryan Higa is coming to KL! I really hope that i could meet him. URGHHH!!! Why i'm staying in Perak today?

Dear Ryan, please come to Perak Matricullation College for one day? T.T

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