Get SKETCH'ed with me!

09 May 2018


It has been a while guys, I know. Bila dah kerja ni memang takde masa nak start writing. Rajin update kat instagram and twitter je. Stick with me on instagram and twitter! Just cakap yang korang from my blog, I will definitely following back!

Nak dijadikan cerita, I did my routine sebelum tidur which is scrolling twitter. Then found a tweet ajar cara nak buat sketch. Honestly, I didn't really read the tweet. Scroll cuma nak cari apps apa yang dia pakai je. Bila dah download, tiba-tiba rasa "bijak" sangat tak save that tweet or retweet or screenshot. I... dont... know.... how... and... where... to... start.......

Meet my first sketch. Learn which part should be outline.

Another trial sketch. Learn to use suitable thickness of brush.

Another trial sketch, and feet is invisible lol

This one so special because got my signature on it lo 

Dia macam satu kepuasan tau bila tengok sketch yang dah siap. And yes, I dont draw face. Lets just stay mysterious ya? Okay, you guys can keep scrolling to see more sketch yang sempat buat. There are few more picture yang masih dalam proses.

Some of the picture ada username instagram. Feel free to visit them. Oh, boleh klik gambar untuk tengok dengan saiz besar okay?

I am open for my blog reader's sketch if ada sesiapa yang nak try and I'll do it for free! Cuma dia ambil masa sikit nak buat but i will try to make it fast and good as possible. 1 person limit to 1 picture. Bagi chance kat orang lain juga okay? Do contact me and tell me

"Hi Ajan! Im ready to be Sketch'ed!"

DM me on instagram @ajan.jpg. Tak follow pun tak apa. Just say those magic word and I'll know you're from my blog. Also, I'll be putting my sketch on my instagram stories. Lets be part of my instagram highlight?

No close date. If you still can read this, means I'm on bebeh! Just say those magic word hahaha.

BONUS: Make your sketch as your wallpaper! You guys can request to put your desire background to your sketch. Just send me your background and i'll do it for you. *wink*

Just trying to give what i could give to my readers,

Thank you for still being here,


  1. Lawa sangat. Adore <3

    Ika datang singgah sini ya.

  2. cantiknya. pernah try buat tapi tak jadi. saya first time datang sini & terus follow sebab suka dengan blog ni. kalau sudi meh la singgah blog baru saya