Experiencing BLOOM2U

04 November 2016


Bloom2U is a website that sells fresh flowers and deliver it to you or your beloved one. Okay cukup la tu. For further information about Bloom2U, you guys can check out my entry here or directly visit their wesite: www.bloom2u.com

Okay now back to my case. I want to purchase a flower but I keep on having a problem at payment stage. Tak tahu kenapa payment cancelled (eventho im a banking student tapi aku tak reti bab online payment, how irony). So, i emailed them to resolve this problem.
Yes, they resolve my problem. But i still have problem on payment stage. Banyak kali asyik cancelled je tak tipu. Did i mentioned yang i am noob bab online payment? Yeah, thats the real problem. ME!

The best thing about customer service dia is they keep update with you. Honestly, aku almost give up sebab segan dah nak email lagi. Asyik asyik failed je kan? I thought nak leave it je. So i did not reply his last email.

But then two days later, John (person who emailed me from Bloom2U) emailed me asking for purchase update. So, kena berterus terang yang aku stuck kat payment stage, AGAIN! --Sorry, mesti awak annoying dengan email saya.

He assist me using other way and it works. Also, dia reply email cepat. Rasa macam tengah whatsapp je hahaha. Thank you so much John :')

Cuba teka berapa kali aku email John regarding purchasing problem? Ive checked my email and counted, its 9 times okay. Hahahha rasa macam bebal gila aku ni.
Im purchasing Anastasia

I got a phone call once the flower is delivered. It was delivered to this guy below sebab konvo. Tahniah weh!

One word,


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    1. Cantik kan? Pastu rasa sayang betul nak bagi orang lol