Hi second semester

12 February 2014


Yes, weekend in Kedah is Friday and Saturday while my weekend in Selangor is Saturday and Sunday. Wake up in the morning for class on Sunday is really weird at first to be honest.

2 days left is including tomorrow, thursday.  The next day which is friday, i'll be going back to UUM. Luckily my dad will drive me to my college back. Since i don't really know much about my place yet, i might be lost. Call me daddy's daughter nah i don't care.

On my holiday, i have done so much thing that i couldn't do it at Kedah. Such as having a lot of Mc Donalds, KFC, ice skating, watch movies and a lot of other activities with my frinds. Since Sintok don't really have place to enjoy. Yea it's boring and you'll be craving for something that you can't get there.

But then it's okay. Because of these factor i got best result for my examination. I got dean list (As what ppl said cz i don't really know what this mean). This dean list is for my dad. Dad is always talk about dean list whenever im whatsapp-ing him. And i was like "Uh? Yea~ Okay~".

Since i got that dean list when im not really study (I sleep and eat a lot), then i have to be grateful and work hard for the next semester to maintain or gain more pointer. :)

Not an ajan. That's me :D

Oh By the way, i picture was choosen as to be currated in VSCO Grid. How i cannot be so happy? I really don't expect this :)

This is taken at Satay Station, Shah Alam. Phew im full. Again thanks dad :) Full. Last word for second semester. Bye.