120804 - Shaa's belated birthday

05 August 2012

Knock knock! Knock knock! *Door is opened* 
Happy birthday to you, Selamat hari jadi.. *Double sound of birthday song*
*stop singing, laughing*

That is what actually happen last night. Her birthday was on 11th July. *we're so late to celebrate it. Aren't we?* Yesterday we're busy to manage the cake and make sure that Shaa is didn't notice about it. *OMG, i'v forgot to take picture of the cake.*

But yeah, i think last night me and my roomate did a good job. *Applause* Best moment when we're need to pick the polaroid picture from the back side to make sure it's fair and square. 

BTW, i'm sorry if you hate my entry poyo with english. I need to practice writing because next tuesday i have english exam. T.T

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