What inspires you about Korea?

15 April 2012

Internet introduce me about K-Pop, television introduce me to K-Drama. Thanks to technology because bring us, Malaysian to know more about Korea in just one click. Now, my curiosity about Korea is increasing day by day.

Actually I have addicted to Korea after watching Korean drama, Boys Over Flower in 2009. I think that this TV series is so interesting. I've never stayed up all night to watch the next episode of Boys Over Flower on youtube until 10 AM on the next day. I also have never stay up all night just to make my own design on Boys Over Flower's poster, and i took the picture from my favourite magazine and cut it out. Seriously i have no gut to cut out my favourite magazine before, but now I have no idea why i become like this. So i think maybe this is what they say 'Korean Disease'.

Next is Kpop. Other than K-Drama, K-pop also inspired me about Korea. On 2009, I have accidently listen to Super Girl song by Super Junior and fall in love with it. After i watched the music video, i got fall in love to it so badly. For me, they're so different for example, the way they produce the music video. They got my eye on the screen all the time. After that, i started love youtube and keep searching other K-Pop group' music video and became their fans.

Hangul :)

K-Drama and K-Pop song bring me to the Korean Language world, i think Korean language is quite interesting. So I have decide to learn this language, know their alphabet (also be known as Hangul) and basic korean phrases on internet. I have a special book to write down note about this language. Now, i can read K-Pop idol tweet without any problem and I also can understand what they said roughly. I'm still learning to understand what they say in video, translate a lyric by myself and slowly. 

K-Drama just not introduces how interesting Korean language is, but they also make me want to travel to Korea. The view and the scenery that caught by the camera in the drama, really make me want to go there . I want to visit to see a beautiful view of Namsan Tower, get a fresh air at Jeju Island, have fun at Lotte World, shopping at Apgujeong, hang out at Hongdae , learning more about Korea culture at palace area at Gyeongbokgung and many more place that I could visit.


Their food also did attract me to find out more about Korean. The most popular Korean food that I’ve tasted is Kimbap and Kimchi. Kimbap is rice and some ingredient such as carrot and cucumber being rolled by seaweed while Kimchi is spicy mixed vegetable. A food that I have never taste yet is DdeubokkiJajangmyeon, and many more.  I really hope that one day I can enjoy the food in Korea.

Last but not least, the traditional Korean cloth, Hanbok. Hanbok is so pretty because they’re colourful. For me hanbok is unique because the upper of hanbok is small and larger at the bottom side. This will allow any size of person to wear it yet it is so comfortable because of the design didn’t limit your movement. I have never wear it before, but I hope one day I could know how confortable the cloth is.


Beside than what I have write, I know there is a lot of thing that I can explore everything about Korea such as their special day for example, Ppeppero day (also be known as Korean valentine day), White day (a day that we gift back to a person who gave you a present on valentine day), Black day (This day is for a people who didn’t get any present on valentine day), and their style when celebrating a birthday that could be so great!

I may don’t have a best reason and a perfect person to be selected as the one to join the Touch Korea Tour, but all content in this entry which I wrote it with all my heart do show that I really hope that I could experience fly to Korea and feel the weather that I will never feel in Malaysia. If only I can explore the way of Korean people live and study about their culture that will be the most unforgettable moment in the whole my life. 

I hope i could meet my little friend in Busan. Korea! I LOVE YOU! Malaysia! I LOVE YOU! For your information, this entry is for a contest that I join. Want to know more about the contest? Click here. J

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