Shin DongHo fun facts!

05 June 2011

Lakonan dia. kyaa ♥♥♥

  • "My English is not that bad, but my hyungs came from different countries which made my English look bad." – DongHo.

  • "DongHo might be really annoying at times, but he's a really kind-hearted person deep inside." -- Xander.

  • "When DongHo watches zombie movies, he dreams about it. Haha!" - SooHyun.

  • Members said that Kevin is a bad influence to their maknae, DongHo, as DongHo started dancing girly.

  • "When one member becomes sick or unwell, we worry a lot and visit him." – DongHo.

  • DongHo envies how SooHyun can sing very high notes while he can't

  •  "If Eli hyung gets hungry, we always feed him bird seeds." -DongHo

  • DongHo has his own little world where he dances all alone in the middle of nowhere

  • "Im more of a listener than a talker." - DongHo

  • "We love watching Zombie movies, except for DongHo cause he don't like them. Zombies don't like him as well!" - SooHyun

  • DongHo love love LOVES stuffed teddy bears. His favorite is Winnie The Pooh.

  • "This kid is really hard to handle" -- Kibum's talking about Dongho

  • Dongho used to hesitate about singing ballad songs due to his voice cracking

  • Kevin was crying while singing the song End of the Road ... and Dongho calm him down.

  • Dongho showers mostly about 10 minutes long or more

  • Dongho once played Sistar's Push Push in the car and Kevin sang to it while Kibum and Dongho danced

  • "If kids at my age want to grow tall, we have to sleep a lot, If I wake up like this, I wont be growing any taller" -- Dongho

  • Dongho dogs name is 'BBO BBO'.

  • Member closest to Eli is Dongho.

  • When have the free time, Dongho will play with his PSP.

  • Dongho often do not pay attention to his hyung.

  • Dongho like to play around his hyung

  • Kevin likes blue color and Dongho likes pink color -__-"

  • "My shoulders are a hidden beauty." - DongHo

  • Kevin, SooHyun, DongHo, and Alexander like natural girls (no plastic surgery) but with great personalities.

  • According to Dongho, the meanest thing Kevin has said to Dongho till today is "IDIOT"

  • Dongho is happy just by smelling of money

  • Alexander: "Dongho, your dog just pooped..." Dongho: "Why is everyone looking for me when the dog poops and pees...urgh"

  • Dongho and IU good friends. IU is Dongho’s ideal type, but that’s just it.

  • Dongho plays Warcraft and probably other online games.

  • Dongho likes to eat meat.

  • DongHo made up words on the word STUPID: Super Talented Unique Person In Demand; And he thinks that he is STUPID in his own way.

  • Dongho plays golf well

  • "I'm sorry, I love u, these words r hard to say, since u've given me this chance, i want to say "I Love U" to my mom" -- Dongho

  • When they're playing around at the beach, Kibum threw Dongho's slipper to the sea

  • Kevin and Xander loves hugging their fans. DongHo on the other hand, is a shy one

  • Kevin and Dongho were ranked 37th and 38th male idols that has the best eye smile.

  • Of all members, Alexander, Kevin and DongHo has NEVER had girlfriends.

  • Dongho has a crab allergy.

  • "The laziest person to wake up is none other than the maknae, DongHo." - Kevin

  • Dongho's mom is the lady who acted as Kevin's mom on 'Not young' MV

Wahaha, panjang gila. Aku suka betul baca ulang-ulang. DongHo! Hwaitingg!  :)

Credit fully to : Kin&Jie 

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