Liebster Award: kalishabanyakcakap

01 June 2014


Guess what, i have been tagged again for this award! Yayy! Big thanks for Kalisha! Do visit Kalisha's blog okay. Give her some hi!

Okay lets go through this. As usual the rules. (this rules i copy from my entry before)
-Mention the person who nominated you with a link to their blog.
-Answer the 11 questions asked.
-Nominate 11 other bloggers with a smaller following but with lots of potential.
-Create 11 of your own questions for them to answer.
-Notify your nominate.
Now lets begin with the question! Yeeha.

Q: Which state are you from? 
A: Selangor Darul Ehsan

Q: Are you still studying or working? 
A: Studying. Degree in banking.

Q: Blogging since when and what age?
A: Since 2011, i was in my form 5 (17 years old)

Q: What do you love about blogging?
A: I can share my story and read other people story. To be inspired and get inspired :)

Q: Any tips for newer blogger? 
A: Try to read other people's blog and see how they attract reader and gain followers.

Q: What's your favorite breakfast? 
A: Anything that i can eat. I'm okay with any food. (Well i said food right? I hope there is no stupid joke like "Well do you eat fried frog?")

Q: Your dream place for holiday? 
A: No specific place. But i wish to go to somewhere that different than my environment. (Island is the best)

Q: Mini Cooper or Beetles Volkswagen? 
A: Beetles Volkswagen

Q: List 3 things that you hate. 
A: People who are not punctual, non-solid answer and cockroaches

Q: What's your personal slogan? 
A: Be as crazy as you can because you can never be this young tomorrow.

Q: Tell us anything that we might not know about you.
A: Well er. I still can't let go my kid's habit. I do suck my left thumb to sleep or i can't sleep T^T (please keep this as a secret will ya?)

Tagged bloggers: Any blogger who are willing to answer mine.


  • Coffee or tea?
  • Your pets name? And why they got that name?
  • Wild animal that you wish to pet.
  • Guitar or ukulele?
  • Have you ever giving a name to your favorite stuff (ex: Calling your diary as Momo)
  • What do you do when you notice there are new pinple on your face?
  • How your blog got its URL?
  • What is your weakness?
  • Your favorite game.
  • What would you do if a handsome stranger / beautiful stranger ask you for a date?
  • Your favorite cartoon when you were kids.

Note: I am so sorry for the late answer because i was too busy with my assignment, presentation, roleplay and quizzes. And i have to find some time to start revising since my university don't provide us study week. Wish me luck for my final ^^

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