Liebster Award: mypostcardjournal

23 June 2014


A bunch of thanks to Ibra because willing to tag me on this Liebster award. For those who collects postcard as your hobby, then visiting Ibra's blog won't make you regret. I repeat, you will not regret. (Click here) to visit Ibra's blog.

So now im gonna make this simple by ignoring those rules that i should take to complete this Liebster Award's entry. Now lets proceed to Ibra's question.

Q: Tell me about yourself.
A: My name is Nur Hafzhan 20 years old this year and im from Malaysia (Its awkward because im suck on giving introduction)

Q: What is your hobby?
A: I don't have a specific hobby. Sometimes i do dance, singing, blogging and sleep depending on my mood.

Q: Do you like postcard?
A: I don't know how to answer this because i have never receive one. But i bet having a bunch of postcard with different picture from different country is damn interesting!

Q: Tell me about your bestfriend.
A: Basically all of my bestfriend know my real personality, bad side and the good side but still get along with me. They are the person who will lighten up my mood in whatever situation im in. I don't know how to describe. I hope this is enough.

Q: Did you ever visit Indonesia?
A: No but my dad have visit Indonesia for a several times for business purpose. I wish i could come along tsk tsk

Q: If you have a chance to be in Indonesia, what do you think you will do first?
A: Err i don't know. (Pls i need tour guide T^T)

Q: Like travelling?
A: Of course but i got financial obligation for that. HAHA

Q: What language can you speak?
A: English, Bahasa, Korean (Toooo little korean pls dont expect much haha), Javanese (I understand a little and i can't reply in javanese. Damnm i shouldnt write this)

Q: What is your favorite country and why?
A: Well can i say my own country? Because im living in it and i have never visit other country.

Q: Pendapat anda tentang blog saya.
A: Blog awak baik sahaja. Sejujurnya, pertama kali saya lihat ada orang yang begitu serius dalam mengumpulkan poskad. Fighting Ibra! ^^

Now my questions are:
- What did you do 2 hours ago?
- What is your last night dinner menu?
- Upload me your phone screen wallpaper (screencap).
- What you will do right after you wake up in the morning?
- What is the fartherest thing that your hand can reach from your position?
- Things that others don't know about you.
- Your 3 favorite entry from your blog.
- Write down your 3 music when your walkman is put on shuffle.
- What do you do before sleep?
- How do you see handsome/pretty in a guy/girl (ex: his jawline, his height, hairstyle, his back)
- How do you rate my question 1-10.


It's up to you whether you want to do it or just leave it. But if you have done it please leave me your link so i can see it ^^ i would appreciate that. Thank you.

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