About the owner.
My brother keep interfering my selfie tsk tsk
Name: Nur Hafzhan
DOB: 15 March 1994
Status: UUM's undergraduate student (Bachelor in Banking)

About the blog.

DOB: 30 August 2010

Language: Malay and ‘broken’ English.

 #Blog Stupidot ( Aug2010 - June 2015)
What does Stupidot mean?
Stupidot mean stupid+idiot.

Why you pick Stupidot as your blog name?
Because I’m so naïve about blog, I know nothing about blogging and I don’t want anybody knows about my blog. My blog looks very ugly when the first time I created it. I’m shy to tell anybody. But now it’s ok. Look. I already put my name in this blog.  Proudly, hahaha!

Hafzhan Rauf ( June 2015 - Now)
Why suddenly you changed your blog name and blog URL?
My blog has been gone through it's pre-matured days and i think now is the best time to change my blog name into a proper name. But i am totally fine if you like my old blog name. I have been refurbished this blog and this is how it looks :)

Why you pick your own name as your blog name and why don't you just use this name at first place?
I have told my best virtual friend, Apis how i feel so uneasy to applying for blog review when i have to leave my blog url --Who feel good if your blog name got "stupid" word there right?

So he suggested that i should change my blog name and blog url and suggesting "Hafzhan Rauf" as my blog new name --Suprisingly when i ask my friend, most of it agree on this name. That's how i got my confident to use my name which "guy-alike".

And why i did not use my name at first place is because, i was a newbie blogger back then (all of us did) so i don't really have confident to let people know that i have blog. But now, even my mum read my blog ^^ --And another reason is where i have stated above.

P/S; I’m use to say ‘aku’ in this blog. This word is to comfort myself and I don’t mean to be rude to anybody.

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